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  • Necromunda Dice Set

    A set of 8 themed Necromunda dice 3 Injury dice, 1 Scatter die, 1 Ammo die, 3 D6 with the Necromunda logo on the 6 Flamed coloured with black markings

  • Necromunda: Dark Uprising

    A brand-new, fantastic value, boxed set containing everything you need to play games of Necromunda Contains brand-new plastic Citadel Miniatures and scenery, only available in this set at this time:– 15 NEW Corpse Grinder Cults– 6 NEW...

  • Necromunda: The Book of Ruin

    Hardback, 128pp, English only Brand-new supplement introducing 3 new gangs, including the cults of Necromunda 18 new scenarios and a new multiplayer games system